Corporate Partnerships

The International Polar Foundation partners with corporations and institutions both on specific projects, or to implement its mission of supporting science in the polar regions, meeting the climate challenge and achieving a low carbon society.

What We Stand For

What We Stand For

Polar Sciences

The Arctic and the Antarctic, and the scientific research done in these regions can be used to communicate about climate change and the challenges our societies must meet to mitigate its effects.

Education and Outreach

Education and Outreach

Education and communication help world citizens to take informed decisions and move towards more sustainable, low carbon societies. Younger generations will have to be prepared to meet the climate challenge.

Innovation and Sustainability

Innovation and Sustainability

Technologies needed to meet the climate challenge are already available today. Building a "Zero Emission" station in one of the most hostile environments on Earth, using existing technologies, is a testament to that vision.

Global or Project-Based Partnerships

Within common global goals, the International Polar Foundation understands that each partner has different strategies objectives for launching a partnership.

As a result, our partnerships with corporations or institutions are tailored to best meet our partners' expectations.

The Foundation and partners work together to build content from a baseline and add specific items from a toolbox in an open and constructive negotiation.

The International Polar Foundation ensures that the global value of partnerships is coherent across the board, even though content and features might differ from partner to partner.

Partnerships are built around various drivers: for example supporting the Polar regions in a period of rapid change; educating the public about polar sciences and climate; contributing to climate change awareness; mitigation and adaptation; defining and implementing CSR action plan; implementing technology solutions for low carbon emissions.

Partners Testimonials

  • When we were approached by Alain Hubert several years ago, Umicore did not hesitate for long before agreeing to become a partner of the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica project.

    Thomas Leyzen

    Umicore - CEO

  • Laborelec has helped the IPF build the first Zero Emission polar research station, but it was also an opportunity for us to develop and test solutions that we can now use in other projects.

    Paul Lemmens

    Laborelec - Director

  • We are very proud to have worked side-by-side with the teams from the International Polar Foundation on the Princess Elisabeth station, and to have been able to practice our core values: maintaining high standards, engagement, willingness to take risks, and working as a team.

    Gerard Mestralet

    GDF-Suez - Président Directeur Général

Our Corporate Partners

  • GDF Suez

  • GDF Suez Foundation

  • Schneider Electric