Private Donations

The International Polar Foundation welcomes donations from individuals, to help it  implement its mission of supporting science in the polar regions, meeting the climate challenge and achieving a low carbon society.

What we stand for

Polar Sciences

Polar Sciences

The Arctic and the Antarctic, and the scientific research done in these regions can be used to communicate about climate change and the challenges our societies must meet to mitigate its effects.

Education and Outreach

Education and Outreach

Education and communication help world citizens to take informed decisions and move towards more sustainable, low carbon societies. Younger generations will have to be prepared to meet the climate challenge.

Innovation and Sustainability

Innovation and Sustainability

Technologies needed to meet the climate challenge are already available today. Building a "Zero Emission" station in one of the most hostile environments on Earth, using existing technologies, is a testament to that vision.

Where Does your Money Go?

As a project-driven organisation, the International Polar Foundation ensures that proceeds from partnerships are dedicated entirely to project work, tracking resource and cost allocation by program.

The Foundation always seeks the most efficient use of resources to achieve its goals. Its General And Administrative expenses are kept to a minimum.

As a “Fondation d’utilité publique”, donations to the International Polar Foundation are tax deductible in Belgium from a minimum annual amount of €40.

Donations to International Polar Foundation-UK as a Registered Charity (#1121745) are tax deductible

International donations can be submitted through the King Baudouin Foundation, including their applicable tax advantages. Please consult for specific country regulations.

How to Donate?

Online payments

Donations can be made online using PayPal or Credit Cards. We have a simple form you can use for big or small donations.

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Bank Transfer

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Via King Baudouin Foundation

International tax deductible donations to the IPF in various countries can be made via the The King Baudouin Foundation's website.

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