BE-POLES at the annual assembly of scientific teachers

IPF and the Renard Centre of Marine Geology of Ghent University presented the two BE-POLES contests for secondary school teachers at the "Congrés des sciences". On their stand nice posters explained the aims of the contests Pole-Position and Class@poles.

  • Pole-position mainly focusses on science in the Antarctics and the International research search;
  • Class@poles is a contest related to science projects and expedition from the Polar Circle to the North Pole.

This year the "congrès des sciences" has taken place at the University of Louvain-La-Neuve. About 400 teachers participated and enthusiastically visited our stand on 25 August where they received information about the existence and aims of the BE-POLES cluster and detailed explanation about the competitions. An additional quiz "Are you ready to face the poles ?" tested the knowledge of Belgian teachers about the poles.

IPF made contacts with the separate teacher organizations : Association des professeurs de biologie (Probio), la Fédération des Professeurs de Géographie de Belgique Francophone (Fegepro) and l'Association Belge des Professeurs de Physique et de Chimie (ABPPC asbl).

First agreements were made with Science-infuse, La Coordination des Associations Pluralistes de Professeurs (CAPP), and Réseau sité. These organisations bring the scientists and big public together by way of local and regional activities. One of these activities is the Printemps-des-Sciences at which BE-POLES will participate in Spring 2006.