BE-POLES website “The Belgian Polar Platform”

BE-POLES has launched its website 'THE BELGIAN POLAR PLATFORM'. This website is a key tool for developing a stronger identity to Belgian polar research at a national, European and international level. It aims at stimulating internal communication, multidisciplinarity and information exchanges within the Belgian polar research community. The website also wants to assist policy makers, journalists and the general public who want to find out more about what's important and interesting in current polar science and research in Belgium. The IPF contributed by assembling all the research information from Belgian polar scientists (e.g. under polar actors and realisations, going polar).

The initial opening of the website allows you to visit now:


Here you will find all necessary info regarding ongoing and upcoming Belgian and international events related to polar science and education and how to subscribe/participate. Each summary is provided with a link to the relevant websites.

Polar Science

This section gives you an overview of historical and current Belgian polar science. Under 'polar actors and realisations' an overview is given about polar research programmes and projects to which Belgian research teams contribute. The Belgian polar researchers are also presented.

Going Polar: current campaigns and archives

covers Arctic and Antarctic campaigns (from 1980on) in which Belgian scientists have participated or will participate. It gives information on the dates, the research zone, the host vessel or station, the Belgian participants and the goal of the campaign.

Contact Page

Contact information for the Belgian organisations involved in the follow-up of polar activities, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Environment, the Belgian Science Policy office, ... Contact information for other Belgian scientists (not specifically listed here) will be found in the Polar Science pages (see below).

At a subsequent opening, expected for end June 2006, the website will also provide:

Polar science: Belgian scientific data and results

The goal of this section is to structure and disseminate data resulting from Belgian polar research projects, in order to fulfil Belgium's obligations under Article (III).(1).(c) of the Antarctic Treaty. This states that "Scientific observations and results from Antarctica shall be exchanged and made freely available."

Laws & Treaties

If you are looking for general information about polar regulations, what they imply, how they work, Belgian obligations as a founding member of the Antarctic Treaty, the membership, read more under this section.

Going polar: Regulations

gives an overview of (inter)national rules and regulations that are important for the planning of a scientific expedition as well as of educational activities. If you want to organise an expedition to the poles and get the right permits for your trip you can visit this section.

Going polar: Institutions

An overview of (inter)national organisations, institutions and Belgian Ministries involved in the organisation and/or regulation of scientific/tourist trips to the poles and which you may need to (or must) contact before departure.


If you have something to contribute to the site, by way of news about recent polar science developments or about a conference or other event, please contact us.