BELARE 2007-2008: Securing the 5th Traverse

Seven people left the base camp on December 27th to start the 5th traverse. Meanwhile, the rest of team is working on re-assembling the cranes and finishing the garages and the station's foundations.

The new team is now fully integrated within the rest of the members on site (carpenters, drilling team...). Adjt Olivier Grasselli, Gaëlle Hubert, Daniel Mercier, Didier Goedgebuer, CPC Philippe Herman, Frédéric Diez and Jurgen Van Obberghen have gone back to Crown Bay with the Prinoth tractors to haul back the next containers. They dropped Alain Hubert off in Vesthaugen for some surveying and will pick him up on their way back. A huge crevasse had been detected in the area which Alain intends on securing for the following traverses.

After the severe Christmas storm, the sun is back to dazzling all night on. The Ivan Papanin saw some pretty scary waves reach 9 metres high, but is due back safe and sound in Cape Town this evening around 7 pm (local time). They will undoubtedly be in for a nice meal once they arrive!