Climate change action begins with awareness

Climate change may seem too big to tackle on a small scale, but people and cities can make a difference if they consider climate change when designing buildings and urban infrastructure.

Belgian based RenovaS has been doing this since 1996. They have acted as an interface between regional and municipal initiatives for revitalization of urban structures while embracing environmental considerations in design and renovation.
One of the ways they promote this is by involving and educating schools, neighborhood associations and households in the Schaerbeek area of Brussels about the importance of climate change. And where is the best place to start? The north and south poles of course, the two coldest places on Earth. These regions not only affect the climate of the entire planet, but are also feeling the greatest impacts from climate change. This is why RenovaS has full support from the International Polar Foundation.
In fact, RenovaS recently brought together at the town hall of Schaerbeek a hundred people so that both adults and youth, and even technical staff from the town hall, could learn more about things like how daily energy consumption is linked to climate change and its likely consequences via the greenhouse effect. There were also entertaining experiments to discover more about ocean acidification and rising sea levels.
These interactive sessions are really important because just looking at a model of Antarctica sends a vivid eye opening message about the enormous quantity of ice there is in the south pole and how melting of this ice will heavily impact the world. And that we should all be doing whatever we can on any scale to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet.
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