International Polar Foundation Affirms Support for Student Climate Protests

The International Polar Foundation would like to publicly affirm its full support for the student climate protests taking place around the globe. We’re heartened by the fact that so many young people have chosen to make their voices heard on a crucial issue that affects all of humanity.

Our children are the future of Planet Earth, and we believe they have every right to demand action from their political leaders against the global threat of climate change - a threat that will have far-reaching consequences for them and their children, more so than the politicians in power today.

Since 2002, the International Polar Foundation has drawn attention to the need to take action to reduce carbon emissions and live in a more sustainable manner for the sake of our planet and future generations. Our foundation has met words with actions as we designed and built the first ever zero-emission polar research station in East Antarctica, the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica, proving that it’s possible to live more sustainably even in some of the harshest environments on Earth. We inform the general public about the important scientific research happening in the Polar Regions, which allows humanity to know more about how Earth’s climate system works, and how it will be affected by climate change. Through our educational projects and materials, we’ve taught young people about the need to live a more sustainable lifestyle, and have inspired them to become tomorrow's innovators who will create sustainable solutions for themselves and for future generations.

We encourage more young people to make their voices heard on the issue of climate change. We also urge all people, young and old, to take concrete actions to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Climate action starts with each individual. We must all change how we live and consume in order to guarantee a healthy planet for future generations, and to help prevent the worst-case climate change scenarios that climate scientists have predicted from ever coming to pass.


Alain Hubert

President, International Polar Foundation