IPF at 6th Edition of the Energy and Environment Awards

On May 27th, the laureates of the 6th edition of the Energy and Environment Awards were announced in Tour & Taxis (Brussels). The prize is supported by over 100 organizations, most notably by the International Polar Foundation (IPF) which has been presenting the IPF Award since the prize’s inception. With IPF President Alain Hubert stuck in Greenland, it was Executive Director Thierry Touchais who presented the award for the 2011 edition.

Since the first year of the prize, in 2006, the award has been given to about 1.200 citizens, corporations, public organizations or NGOs that all contributed to better management and protection of the environment, the energy or the climate in Belgium.

The IPF Award is presented to a candidate whose actions have had a beneficial impact on the struggle against climate change. The laureate for this year was Eandis (Melle).

The project is an investment project to reduce the energy costs in Antwerp schools by at least 26%. The aim of Eandis, in partnering with the City of Antwerp, is to reduce energy consumption and take green measures in schools. With 50 schools involved, this project will become a model for the entire Flemish Community.