IPF Releases New Animated Video on Biodiversity

Thanks to the financial support of the Québec Government Office in Brussels, IPF has released a new animated videos created with the help of Zest Studio in La Hulpe, Belgium, focusing on biodiversity - just in time for COP26!

The four-minute animation is available in English, French and Dutch on IPF’s YouTube Channel.  

The animated videos focuses on safeguarding biodiversity as an essential part of maintaining all life on Earth, and also addresses the adverse impacts human activity has had on biodiversity, such as unsustainable farming and fishing practices.

The video ends with a list of actions we can all take to reduce our impact on ecosystems and help preserve biodiversity and become a climate hero.

Educators in particular will may find the videos useful for introducing their students to the concepts of biodiversity and sustainability in their lesson planning.

If you would like to learn more about IPF's educational and outreach activities, please feel free to contact us at education@polarfoundation.org !