IPF websites: redesign & relaunch

As you might have noticed, the IPF website has been redesigned. This website was made for you. Feel free to comment on it and to drop us a mail telling us what you think. Your remarks are important to us. The IPF webteam is currently finalizing the new web-based administration panel and two new websites will be joining the stable shortly.


SciencesPoles will be the IPF website dedicated to scientific polar-related information. The IPF webteam is buzzy working on it right now, as it should be lauched in May 2005.


EducaPoles is a website dedicated to the educative materials of the IPF. It's aiming at kids and teachers (and all other actors of the educational world). IPF webteam is currently working on a redesign, along the same graphical line as the one used for the IPF website. Relaunch is scheduled for June 2005.