IPY 2007: the IPF submitted two Expressions of Interest as lead partner

The International Polar Year Joint Committee invited project proposals, for activities to take place during the International Polar Year, from interested parties. The proposals were to be submitted by the 14th of January 2005, and a database has been put together of all the projects received, by Cynan Ellis Evans of the British Antarctic Survey.

The Committee is now organizing an Open Consultative Forum open to all with an interest in IPY 2007-2008. The meetings will take place in the IOC Headquarters. On the agenda will be a discussion on Data/Information and Education/Outreach/Communication issues, including membership of the relevant committees. The results of the submission of proposals (Expressions of Interest) exercise, which resulted in about 1000 responses, will also be available. The Joint Committee will assess the proposals for conformity with the criteria for selection, and will decide which will be retained, and benefit from assistance in winning funding from national/international funding agencies. Full proposals will be expected by the Joint Committee for June 2005.

The IPF submitted two Expressions of Interest as lead partner:

  • The first is the offer to manage IPY 2007 communications, education and outreach, through a dedicated communications service – PolarSync – aimed at synchronizing the activities carried out worldwide to mark this special event that only occurs every fifty years.
  • The second is a project in partnership with the SCAR, the Belgian Science Policy Office, the South African Antarctic programme, and the UNEP, which addresses the question of capacity building in scientific research relating to the Polar Regions and Climate Change. Scientists from developing countries would be invited to participate in Antarctic research activities on the participating bases, and in collaboration with participating institutes (partly identified). UNESCO participation is also being sought.

The IPF has also been invited to participate in two Arctic research projects which are proposed by consortia of Polar research institutes: the first is the "Climate of the Arctic and its Role for Europe - (CARE) IPY" which has gained EU funding, and the second is the Integrated Arctic Ocean Observing System (iAOOS).

The IPF is a participant in the DAMOCLES project, which is a member of the iAOOS and which is currently in the process of being assessed by the EU.