Panini Album on the Polar Regions

The International Polar Foundation has signed a partnership with Panini to issue a sticker album for 8 to 12 year olds on the Polar Regions from February to April 2009. After having organized a nation-wide public contest, a name has finally been decided for the Arctic tern which will be followed throughout the album: "Ernest" for the French version and "Sterre" for the Dutch version. Congratulations to the winners!

The sticker Album "Découvre les poles avec Ernest" (FR) / "Ontdek de polen met Sterre" (NL) will function the same way as previous Panini albums: sticker packets can be bought in order to complete the pictures featured in the magazine. As the children go about completing the sticker album, they will learn information and funny details on the Polar Regions, the Princess Elisabeth station and climate change.

The Arctic tern travels every year from the North to the South and back again. It is said that throughout his lifetime, he covers the same distance as that between the moon and Earth. No wonder the Arctic tern is the main character of this sticker album, a true expert in polar regions!