Polarstern / CAML expedition follow-up

Beside its outreach mission for international media, Gauthier Chapelle -IPF scientific officer onboard Polarstern - is making the follow-up of the expedition accessible to the youth through EducaPoles. Interviews of polar scientists onboard will be published on SciencePoles. Videos are published in partnership with Google Video thanks to the Cousteau Society, you can also follow the Polarstern on a map. The Alfred Wegener Institut is also publishing scientific related material on its website.

News have been published regularily on EducaPoles in French and English since the expedition started. Gauthier is setting well into its important mission, as the Polarstern will soon reach the Antarctic and the Neumayer station.

After refueling the German research station, scientists will carry biological investigations on fish stocks as a contribution to the Convention on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR).

The Polarstern will then sail towards the site of the collapse of the Larsen A&B ice-shelves on the eastern side of the Antarctic Peninsula. Scientists onboard will study the impacts of these climate-induced shifts in ice cover on the seabed biodiversity.