Princess Elisabeth Exhibition at the Water Museum in Flanders

During the Christmas vacation and holiday season, Hidrodoe, the Water Museum in Flanders, held a special exhibition on the Princess Elisabeth Station. First zero emission research station in Antarctica, the Princess Elisabeth Station represents Belgium's main contribution to the International Polar Year which will come to an end in March 2009.

During this exhibition, various activities were offered to the public: make your own polar figurine out of soap, watch the "March of the Penguins" movie or build an igloo and learn about the Inuit population. The International Polar Foundation offered posters and movies about the Princess Elisabeth Station, which detailed the construction expeditions to Antarctica and explained the station's "zero emission" features.

This event brought both children and adults to the Museum to discover the Polar Regions. By attending the exhibition, the visitors also became new contributors to the station since, for each visitor, part of the entrance fee was redirected to the International Polar Foundation and the Princess Elisabeth Station.