Princess Elisabeth Station Cleared from Tour and Taxis

The dismantling team of Princess Elisabeth Station in Brussels did not waste any time. As of Monday September 10th, around 25 workers were already on site to help bring down the station.

In view of its ultimate Antarctic construction, the pre-mounting of the Princess Elisabeth Station in Brussels was a significant procedure in detecting plausible building problems. The Station was then open during 4 consecutive days, an event which did not go unnoticed amongst the general public. During its public opening, 40.000 people came to visit the station.

The crowd and participants have now cleared the Tour & Taxis site, leaving the dismantling team room to proceed in Princess Elisabeth's disassembly. A call for volunteers has been released in order to meet the schedule, being that the site has to be emptied by the end of September.

Simultaneously to its dismantling, the Station has to be carefully loaded into transport containers. In order to spread out the convoy, containers are being sentaweekly to a hangar in Antwerp where they are stored until departure date early October. A total of 100 containers will be required for the station's packing.

The next step for Princess Elisabeth Antarctica will be the loading of the containers on the DROMSHIP (Dronning Maud Land Ship network) and its departure from Antwerp.