Protect 7-7 in Antwerp

Protect 7-7, a unique photography exhibition, was held on the 7th continent in January 2009. Wim Tellier, the author of this exhibit, chose the "Gedempte Zuiderdokken" in Antwerp to unfold on April 24th through 26th his six 20m X 40m photographs that had previously been carried to and displayed in Antarctica. A total of 4800 m2, it is the biggest art exhibition in the world.


Wim Tellier, a professional Belgian photographer, wanted to find a place everyone would recognize to be Antarctica where he could exhibit his masterpieces. He chose Utsteinen and the Princess Elisabeth Station for the emblem it conveys. His pictures reveal several months of travel throughout the world's six continents, in search of children aged 7 years old and of men and women aged 77 years old. The result: 7 continents, 6 elderly, 4500 children, 1 home and 1 legacy. Photographed individually with a drawing of their dreams and aspirations for the future, the 4500 children depict the infinite amount of paths which exist into the future. In the centre of each collage is the nude body of a 77-year-old.

During the Antwerp display, the "making of" the exhibit in Antarctica was revealed to the public on a wide open-air screen. It was also possible to board a crane in order to catch a better glimpse of the exhibit from high above.