Scientists and Staff at PEA form Human Chain to Support United for Climate Human Chain Action

On the morning of Saturday 7 December 2019, scientists from different parts of the world joined the operational team of the International Polar Foundation working at the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica station to express their support for Climate Express, the Climate Coalition, and many other NGOs for the "United for Climate - Human Chain" awareness-raising campaign by symbolically stretching the human chain they plan to make in Brussels on Sunday 8 December all the way to Antarctica.

Scientists are currently at the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica (PEA) station to study the importance of the ice, the climatic history of our planet, our environmental footprint, the local biodiversity and other important research topics. PEA is the first ever zero emission polar research station on the Antarctic continent - one of the most sensitive places on Earth to the warming of the oceans and the atmosphere caused by climate change, and also a place that plays a major role in regulating the planet's climate.

Right now, in the middle of the 25th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP25) the ClimateCoalition and Climate-Express decided to join forces with many NGOs in Belgium to create a human chain in the center of Brussels on Sunday 8 December to urge our politicians to take meaningful measures to significantly reduce greenhouse gases emissions causing climate change. As climate change is a global problem that knows no borders, all who are currently at PEA wanted to symbolise this by being part of the chain as well.

For more photos of the extension of the human chain in Antarctica, please have a look at the photo gallery on the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica station website. On this website, you may also find more information about the activities taking place at the world's first ever zero emission polar research station.