The Big Ask Again

On 29 August, 100 days prior to the United Nations Climate Change Conference which will be held in Copenhagen, the Belgian Climate Coalition is organizing a major demonstration on the beach of Ostende: The Big Ask Again. By getting the population together to "dance for the climate", The Big Ask Again is a demonstration of society's concern about climate change and a call for action. Alain Hubert, President of the International Polar Foundation, is an active support in this initiative.

The Big Ask again is a way for the population to push decision makers to consolidate their efforts on the climate change negotiations in Copenhagen. "If we do not decide to change, nothing will change", as Alain Hubert put it during the 27 July press conference. The idea is to press politicians to adopt a post Kyoto international legal basis for reducing greenhouse gases.

Last year, The Big Ask gathered 6,000 people on the beach of Ostende for the making of a short movie directed by Nic Balthazar. The idea behind The Big Ask Again is to gather 10,000 people and to film a Bollywood-style dance performance. Anyone concerned about our climate and future is invited to participate in this major event.