The Georges Lemaître Prize 2005 awarded to Professor Edouard Bard

The Georges Lemaître Prize 2005 has been awarded to Professor Edouard Bard, Professor at the Collège de France for his major contribution to the reconstruction of ancient climates and to the comprehension of rapid climate change. His works are based on various types of climate archives, including polar ice. André Berger -co-founder of the IPF - and N.F.D. Johnson-Amin attended to the ceremony.

The Georges Lemaître Foundation has been set up in 1995 to commemorate the achievements of the eminent Belgian scientist, promotor as from 1927 of the primeval atom theory (the "big bang" theory), one of the most important contributions of the 20th century to a greater understanding of the universe.

The Georges Lemaître Prize is awarded at least once every two years, to a Belgian or foreign author who has made a significant contribution to increasing scientific knowledge in the fields of cosmology, astronomy, astrophysics, geophysics and space research.