SCAR XXIX / COMNAP XVIII 2006 (Hobart) - The International Antarctic Institute is set up

The first meeting on the 8th of July was a side meeting organised by the International Antarctic Institute (IAI), where a vote was taken by those present to found the IAI in Hobart. The first IAI members come from eleven different countries , and from 17 academic or research institutes, with several others having requested membership in the future.


A number of organisations having a substantial interest in Antarctic science were invited to become Associate Members. Among these was the SCAR, and a number of national polar operators, such as the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI), Antarctica New Zealand (ANZ) and the Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI). The International Polar Foundation was invited to become an Associate Member, and by vote this invitation was confirmed. The IPF has been pleased to accept this invitation and was represented by Johan Berte, Project Manager for the Antarctic Base Project, and by Nighat F.D. Johnson-Amin, International Affairs Director.

The IPF is working closely with the SCAR and the IAI to implement the Sixth Continent Initiative project, endorsed by the IPY Joint Committee, for the IPY 2007-2008. All the members of the International Antarctic Institute are now officially members of the Sixth Continent Initiative.

The International Antarctic Institute invited all the members and associate members to a dinner at the landmark seafront Restaurant, Mures, to celebrate.