Thomas Stocker receives the Belgica Prize!

On December 17, Thomas Stocker, a Swiss climatologist, paleoclimatologist, and lead expert in polar sciences, received the Belgica prize.

Dr Stocker was awarded this prestigious prize for his commitment to scientific research in Antarctica. Among his many projects, he has used Antarctic ice cores to trace the evolution of climate change, demonstrating the relevance of Antarctic science to offer explanations on very contemporary and important issues.

Created in 1901 to recognize excellence in scientific research in Antarctica, the Belgica prize takes its name from the Belgica, the first polar research vessel to overwinter in Antarctica in 1898-99. The expedition, led by Belgian explorer Adrien de Gerlache, was the first of many Belgian expeditions to Antarctica.

The award was handed out during the “Séance publique de la Classe des Science”, which took place at Belgium’s Royal Academy in Brussels. Adrien’s great-grandson, Bernard De Gerlache, along with Nicolas van Hoeke (Managing Director, International Polar Foundation) and André Berger (Founder and Board Member, International Polar Foundation), was present at the award ceremony.