UK International Polar Year Workshop

On 25 October, the British Antarctic Survey, the Royal Society and the UK IPY committee organized a workshop to spearhead UK based communication and outreach planning for the International Polar Year. Amongst the topics discussed was the UK IPY Launch event to take place on 26 February 2007 at the Royal Society in London, and the need for the UK Polar UK IPY committee to obtain funding for a dedicated IPY media officer in the UK.


During the workshop, Jean de Pomereu, Managing Director of the IPF's UK branch, gave a presentation entitled: "The I in IPY - International Collaboration during the IPY 2007-08". In it, he underlined the pioneering spirit of collaboration of past IPYs, and stressed the importance and relevance of perpetuating this legacy through the IPY 2007-08. This especially at a time when, more than ever, countries needed to work together to meet the challenges of climate change in the Polar Regions and globally.