Arctic Futures Symposium 2010 - Media Release

As discussion around the Arctic gains momentum in the EU following the adoption of the European Parliament report "A Sustainable EU Policy for the High North" - the most recent step towards an EU Arctic Policy - the International Polar Foundation has today released the Proceedings from the recent "Arctic Futures Symposium" held at the European Parliament in October 2010 – and is announcing a second conference for October 2011.

The unique status of the Arctic Region has long been acknowledged, as an open air observatory and early warning system for climate change. International scientific cooperation in the Arctic has a long tradition, and has been instrumental in promoting dialogue and collaborative activities in other areas. Scientific findings have also driven the policy objectives in terms of coordinated environmental management.

The Arctic region is intricately linked to the European Union (EU), and the European Economic Area (EEA) not only through the presence in the heart of the European Institutions of several Arctic countries, but also because trade, transport and resource networks link peoples of these regions in a fundamentally symbiotic relationship.

The EU has long been interested in having an observer status on the Arctic Council, as a way of being more active in responding to the needs of the Arctic in its relationship with Europe. With Iceland’s potential accession to the EU, the positive role that the EU could play becomes more apparent.

Bringing people together in an informal forum, the Arctic Futures Symposium allows a frank and open exchange of views between the participants and between scientists and policymakers, between economic operatives and decision makers and between the interested observers and the Arctic actors. This exchange allows all the parties to address the issues including those not voiced in other arenas. Participants can expect lively discussions on a host of compelling issues.

The Arctic Futures Symposium series is organised in close collaboration between three independent Foundations interested in research, and the environment: the International Polar Foundation, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, and the Aspen Foundation.

The 2010 event brought together a talented group of policy makers, researchers and experts in Polar issues from around the world, to debate and share ideas and knowledge, with the ultimate aim of promoting better understanding and collaboration. The 2011 event will also offer interesting debates and lectures on the future of a fascinating and exciting region.

The Proceedings of the Arctic Futures Symposium 2010 are now available on the IPF website.

Save The Date: Arctic Futures 2011 – October 12 - 14, 2011!