Class Zero Emission

Class Zero Emission

The International Polar Foundation’s highly successful pedagogical workshop, Class Zero Emission, brings new interactive methods into the classroom, reaching school age children and their teachers with current science knowledge on climate change. 

Global Project: Local Links

Designed for use across national borders and in multiple languages, Class Zero Emission provides classes with pedagogical tools and the methodology of science through hands-on experiments and interactive games that can be integrated into existing curricula.

The classes allow students to follow in the footsteps of research scientists and polar explorers, and learn practical ways of applying ‘sustainable’ actions to their daily lives. Class Zero Emission can be tailored to each geographical location in which it is deployed.

By creating a local link, the classroom activities become more relevant to the lives of the children for whom they are created. To date, Class Zero Emission has been rolled out in Belgium and the UK, reaching thousands of young people.