• Villum St. Nord fuel storage (Stephan Bernberg)
  • Arctic Station in winter (Bo Elberling)
  • Finse Station (Erika Leslie)


International Network for Terrestrial Research and Monitoring in the Arctic (INTERACT) is an infrastructure project funded by the EU. It falls under the SCANNET umbrella, a circumpolar Arctic network of more than 80 terrestrial field stations across northern Europe, Russia, US, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Scotland and some northern alpine areas. 

The Arctic region is so vast and sparsely populated that environmental observation capacity is limited compared to other latitudes. Through INTERACT, capacity is being built for identifying, understanding, predicting and responding to diverse environmental changes throughout the wide environmental and land-use envelopes of the Arctic.

Reducing the Environmental Impact of Arctic Research Stations and Activities

As the world’s first zero emission station, Princess Elisabeth is the only Antarctic station participating in INTERACT.

Princess Elisabeth Antarctica’s design and construction seamlessly integrates passive building technologies, renewable wind and solar energy, water treatment facilities, continuously monitored power demand and a smart grid for maximising energy efficiency.

Although the environmental impact of Arctic and alpine research station activities may be small in relation to the often vast and remote areas in which they operate, the anthropogenic impact of research in remote areas can be the greatest impact experienced by vulnerable local ecosystems.

As the operators of Princess Elisabeth Antarctica (PEA), the International Polar Foundation (IPF) is sharing expertise, experiences and best practices with INTERACT Arctic Station Managers for reducing the environmental impact of Arctic research station operations and scientific activities. The aim is to apply the Zero Emissions approach and philosophy to reduce the environmental impact of Arctic Stations.

Nighat Amin, VP International Affairs, International Polar Foundation (IPF), PEA Environmental Officer: gg@polarfoundation.org

Katharina Beckmann, Scientific Secretary/Communicator, INTERACT: katharina.beckmann@nateko.lu.se  

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