SciencePoles: Polar Science Hub

SciencePoles: Polar Science Hub

The SciencePoles website exists to communicate these Polar Sciences to the general public. Scientific research in the Polar Regions is essential to understanding the Earth, its history, regional ecosystems, and the workings of the global climate system.

Showcasing polar sciences

Established in 2005, SciencePoles has grown into a recognized hub for the communication of polar science.

Each month, SciencePoles publish interviews with leading polar scientists or institutes about their groundbreaking researche and areas of focus. We believe that Polar research is crucial for understanding our planet, and that popularising it without dumbing it down is part of our mission as a polar-focused Foundation. When possible, SciencePoles interviews are complemented by picture galleries and videos.

SciencePoles also keep up to date with news on latest developments in Arctic and Antarctic research from both the natural and social sciences, and upcoming events and links to polar resources.

Get Featured

If you are involved in polar research and wish your work to be featured on SciencePoles, do not hesitate to get in touch.