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  • EducaPoles: Science Education

    EducaPoles: Science Education

    Educapoles, the International Polar Foundation’s science education platform, delivers a fresh, accessible approach to the scientific process by enabling teachers to explore climate and polar science with their …

  • SciencePoles: Polar Science Hub

    SciencePoles: Polar Science Hub

    The SciencePoles website exists to communicate these Polar Sciences to the general public. Scientific research in the Polar Regions is essential to understanding the Earth, its history, regional ecosystems, and …

  • DAMOCLES Mobile Exhibition

    DAMOCLES Mobile Exhibition

    The DAMOCLES projects is an integrated ice-atmosphere-ocean monitoring and forecasting system designed for observing, understanding and quantifying climate change in the Arctic. The IPF developed a mobile exhibition to explain …

  • Inside the Station Exhibition

    Inside the Station Exhibition

    The Inside the Station exhibition has drawn thousands of people to prestigious Brussels venue Tour & Taxis, to take part in an interactive journey inside the legendary Princess Elisabeth Antarctica, …

  • Polaris Climate Change Observatory

    Polaris Climate Change Observatory

    The Polaris Climate Change Observatory (PCCO) aims to inform public perception of the role of science in issues of major social importance. The PCCO is a physical space where the …

  • World Expo 2010: The Ice Cube

    World Expo 2010: The Ice Cube

    In response to an invitation to join the EU-Belgian pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010, the International Polar Foundation created a giant LED-lit ice cube to draw visitors …

  • Baillet Latour Antarctica Fellowship

    Baillet Latour Antarctica Fellowship

    The Baillet Latour Antarctica Fellowship provides young scientists with the opportunity to conduct research in East Antarctica operating out of the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica research station.

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