• Princess Elisabeth Antarctica

    Princess Elisabeth Antarctica

    The International Polar Foundation's flagship project: Powered by wind and solar energy, the world’s first zero emission research station welcomes scientists from around the world.

  • InBev-Baillet Latour Antarctica Fellowship

    InBev-Baillet Latour Antarctica Fellowship

    The InBev-Baillet Latour Antarctica Fellowship provides young scientists with the opportunity to conduct research in East Antarctica operating out of the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica research station.

  • Arctic Futures Symposium

    Arctic Futures Symposium

    Held in Brussels, this annual conference sees prominent international policymakers, scientists, academics, Arctic indigenous peoples and industry representatives converge for open and frank discussions on the future of the Arctic.

  • Polaris Climate Change Observatory

    Polaris Climate Change Observatory

    The PCCO is a state-of-the-art venue for contextualising the role of polar science in issues of major social importance, through innovative installations that possible responses to climate change.

  • Inside the Station Exhibition

    Inside the Station Exhibition

    Experience daily life and the spirit of scientific endeavour at Princess Elisabeth Antarctica, the first "Zero Emission" polar research station at this interactive exhibition at Tour & Taxis, Brussels.

  • Antarctic Operator

    Antarctic Operator

    Supporting Science: As operator and manager of Princess Elisabeth Antarctica, the International Polar Foundation provides logistics and infrastructure support to scientists from the international research community.

  • Polarview Earth Observation

    Polarview Earth Observation

    As a consortium member, the Foundation works on the communication of Polarview, a European earth observation project for monitoring sea ice cover, glacier runoff, snow cover and melt, icebergs, river and lake ice.

  • ExploraPoles: Polar Adventures

    ExploraPoles: Polar Adventures

    The ExploraPoles portal features news and features on polar expeditions and explorers. Through adventure, we hope to share in the discovery of these fabulous regions and their importance in our planet's climate systems.

  • European Arctic Information Centre

    European Arctic Information Centre

    The Foundation is a member of EUAIC, which works to bring together EU and Arctic stakeholders. By providing reliable knowledge to policymakers and the public, the Centre aims to ensure sustainable Arctic development.

  • Class Zero Emission

    Class Zero Emission

    The International Polar Foundation’s highly successful educational workshop brings new interactive methods into the classroom, reaching school age children and their teachers with current science knowledge on climate change.

  • EducaPoles: Science Education

    EducaPoles: Science Education

    The Educapoles platform delivers a fresh approach to the scientific process by enabling teachers to explore climate and polar science with their students through the use of creative tools and learning methods.

  • SciencePoles: Polar Science Hub

    SciencePoles: Polar Science Hub

    The SciencePoles portal communicates on scientific research from the Polar Regions; essential for greater public understanding the Earth, its ecosystems, and the global climate system.

  • DAMOCLES Mobile Exhibition

    DAMOCLES Mobile Exhibition

    This mobile exhibition was designed to explain the DAMOCLES project - a monitoring and forecasting system designed for observing and understanding Arctic climate change.

  • World Expo 2010: The Ice Cube

    World Expo 2010: The Ice Cube

    For the EU-Belgian pavilion at Shanghai World Expo 2010, the Foundation created a giant LED-lit ice cube to draw visitors into the Polar Regions, polar science and climate change.